The Memoteca Pian del Bruscolo – Promemoria

promemoriaThe Memoteca Pian del Bruscolo – the project

Re-shaping a landscape through the mosaic of micro-histories; protecting memories in order to preserve the trace of a past risking to vanish; recovering images and looks not to forget who we are: the Memoteca Pian del Bruscolo project was born in 2006 with the aim of safeguarding the memory (memories) of the local community of the Low Foglia Valley and of preservinig the iconographic and oral records seldom hosted by the official archives and yet so precious in shaping the identity of a territory.


“Promemoria”, people and stories from the Memoteca Pian del Bruscolo

Presentation of the magazine: Pesaro, May 27th 2010 – Tavullia, May 29th  2010

Se di questi tempi ci sentiamo costretti a tornare ossessivamente al tema della memoria, ciò avviene perché siamo stati trasportati da una civiltà della durata – e quindi dell’apprendimento e della ‘memorizzazione’ – a una civiltà del transitorio – e quindi dell’ ‘oblio’.

If in these times we feeel compelled to obsessively go back to the memory issue, it’s because we have been carried away from a civilization of duration – and therefore of learning and “memorizing” – towards a civilization of transitoriness – and therefore of “oblivion”.

Zygmunt Bauman, Vite di corsa, Il Mulino, Bologna 2009

Memoteca Pian del Bruscolo

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