Raffaella Corsini – the Art of Embroidery


Raffaella Corsini, at home, surrounded by her works

She is fond of Aemilia Ars (she has been one of the last pupils of the great Antonilla Cantelli, under whose guidance she has learned the secrets of the “air stitch” – punto in aere – for over ten years) but – as real lovers of embroidery and lace do – she devotes herself daily to studying and improving those techniques that made the History of Embroidery, as the Bayeux embroidery, the Punto Umbro, Macramè or the ancient unthreaded embroidery.

Aemilia Ars by Raffaella Corsini – one of her original creations

Raffaella Corsini, collector of old trusseaux, embroidery tools and samples, has started again – beginning from last Fall – her Embroidery Atelier in Pesaro.

A group of us friends gather to work together and to widen our knowledge on embroidery – says Raffaella who had almost all embroidery teachers in her town discover Aemilia Arsand, as usual, our meetings will give us the opportunity to have a relaxed chat in a friendly – and feminine – environment.

Aemilia Ars – another of Raffaella’s marvellous works

An expert embroideress, Raffaella Corsini, owns a remarkable book collection on women’s artworks. Among them are a few very rare copies from which she draws inspiration for her classes. Working on old drawings is a unique experience – says Serenella, one of Raffaella’s closest pupils – because besides learning the most technical aspects of embroidery, we also get to know a little more about our past, about how women used to live and work in the past.


Raffaella – a recent grandmother – organizes classes for little girls (from 7 years up) where girls can learn the first elements of the art of embroidery, perhaps in the company of their mummies and grannies.

Raffaella also organizes one-theme worskhops, like the one she held last Fall at the agro-restaurant La Celletta Country House, close to Urbino, whose title was “Embroidery in the Wood”.

Raffaella and her pupils/friends at the agro-restaurant La Celletta. Raffaella is standing on the left while teaching the Caterina De’ Medici stitch

More than twenty participants engaged – for a whole day – in learning and mastering the Caterina De’ Medici stitch in a fairy-tale scenario, among a tasty typical lunch and a cup of tea with pastries. A real friends’ gathering who, like in past times, used to meet to embroider and to spend a pleasant day together.

La Celletta Country House close to Urbino


  1. I am just beginning to learn Aemilia ars lace & thoroughly enjoying it! I love your pieces & the round mat which you did is the one I am learning form Antonella Cantelli’s book.

    • Congratulations, Lynette on your pieces, especially for the wedding-dress of your son’s future wife!
      I am planning, in a near future, to organize touristic itineraries through my region which include Aemilia Ars and Cooking courses.
      Good luck with Aemilia Ars and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

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