Free… at last!

Yesterday I wrote about the feeling of being in jail again (Back to work) and 24 hours later the title of my post is Free… at last! Am I afflicted by some sort of bipolar disorder? Sure I am. And yet, even considering my inborn schyzophrenia (!), today I have a good reason for feeling swell. Walter and I had our “free” night last night and left our adorable little Costanza with her grandparents  Dodo (Giorgio) and Lala (Raffaella).

The mood Walter and I were in is represented perfectly by the unforgettable Fred Astaire and Judy Garland in Easter Parade. We did feel a Couple of swells… as we hardly ever go out without taking our daughter with us. We felt like a couple of teen-agers who told their parents they would be going to pay a visit to a sick friend and went to the movie instead! We felt like the swellest guys in town

We drove first to Gabicce Monte for the aperitivo (still in the Marche Region – a 15 min. ride from Pesaro) and after a glass of verdicchio, which we sipped  in the little square (we made it there just before sunset), we moved to the more crowded Romagna (Cattolica, just across the Tavollo river). Both Gabicce (Mare and Monte) and Cattolica are on the Adriatic coast.

When I was… young, I used to work at the Tourist Board of Gabicce Mare, assisting tourists and giving them advice on where to take their children on rainy days or on what sights were worth seeing or, most frequently, where to taste home-made tagliatelle or the freshest mussels and clams. How many sweet recollections.

Like the day when a hotel manager, requesting an urgent translation from Italian into German, stepped into our office (I was alone) and after asking me if I could please translate the letter for him he saw me burst into tears (as I had just been scolded by a man for a mistake I had done). So he hastedly said: well, if you don’t feel like translating it never mind but please don’t cry. I felt too stupid to stand his sight, so I left him alone and went to lock myself in the toilet. After a couple of minutes I came out – pretending nothing had happened – and said, yes, I would have been very glad to translate the letter for him. I remember he invited me to call at his hotel, after work, for a drink. We laughed at what had happened a couple of hours ahead and became friends (those Summer friends though that come and go with different seasons).

After enjoying the view on the coastline from Gabicce Monte (my recollections vanishing togheter with the sunlight), Walter and I went to the gelateria Adler (the best in Cattolica to my opinion) where I got an excellent ice cream (sour cherry flavour) and Walter “una granita di caffè con panna” (incidentally a hendecasyllable, as D’Amico pointed out while criticizing with great sarcasm a theatre work by Sem Benelli). A “granita di caffè con panna” is basically a work of art (when they know how to do it). You take a tall glass, you put whipped cream in the bottom, then you fill the glass with crushed ice, then you pour coffee on it, and you top it with whipped cream. Delicious in the Summer, when it’s hot and wet which, as Robin Williams says in Good Morning, Vietnam, “is nice if you are with a lady but it ain’t no good if you are in the jungle” (sorry about my lacking style today… I just cannot help!). Must be the hangover…

Gabicce Mare –

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