The windrose

Pesaro, a windrose along the beach - Lungomare Sauro Nazario

Why do compass roses attract me? What kind of magic lies behind them? I don’t know. Is the wind rose a metaphor of life? So many ways, open, to take. To sail away or to rest in a quiet harbour? To change direction or to stand still? Or both? Possibly at the same time (!). That is the question.

I love this picture of our daughter Costanza. She is standing right in the middle of the wind rose, her life ahead. But aren’t we all, continually, in the middle of a wind rose? We just have to seize the rudder of our life and give it a push. Or, then again, maybe not.

The important thing is to feel we do have the rudder of our life in our hands. Thus spoke Simona-Zarathustra.

N.B. If you want to try the Romantic feeling of defying the Elements while driving the imaginary boat of your life, may I suggest you step on the windrose in Pesaro, in the month of February, while the north-west wind blows, the Mistral, messing up your hair, holding you arms up as in the attempt of embracing the universe (Titanic-style, so to speak). Oh, I almost forgot. Be sure nobody is around. They may think you are nuts. And what is even worse… they may not be wrong!


  1. lo farò! c’è tanta poesia in quello che suggerisci…
    o forse l’ho già fatto.
    maybe I should do it again, together with the little “one” that is coming to life.
    I’ll tell you when I go (you can come with me, so that people will think we’re both nuts).
    la follia conduce a cose bellissime!
    auguri di nuovo. grazie per avermi suggerito Battiato e Corelli.
    grazie per la foto della piccola Costanza in the wind with diamonds.
    ti abbracciamo stretto, stretto.
    Anna & C.

    • Grazie a te, Anna, e ogni bene al piccolino che sta per arrivare fra noi!

      Thanks for inviting me to the windrose.

      I promise we’ll go there with our little ones, as soon as Spring arrives.

      After all, if Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

      A presto, my dear friend.

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