Don’t miss Philippe Daverio at the Ducal Palace (Pesaro) today

Professor Philippe Daverio, art critic, journalist and TV anchorman, will present today, at the Ducal Palace in Pesaro (Salone Metaurense – 5.30 pm), the Memorie dei Duchi di Urbino dal 1440 al 1660, first critic edition translated into Italian of the work by the Scottish nobleman Sir James Dennistoun (1803 – 1855), edited by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Pesaro and overseen by Professor Giorgio Nonni, from the Urbino University “Carlo Bo”.

The young James Dennistoun arrived in Italy in 1825 – on his Grand Tour (usual habit of the nobility at that time). He came back in 1835 and ended up by staying in our country for the following 13 years. He fell in love with Urbino and its surroundings, and wrote a lively work full of facts, curiosities and anectodes on the life of the Dukes of Urbino which contributed to create the myth of the Renaissance Urbino in several European countries.

I was personally fond of Prof. Daverio’s TV Sunday programme on RAI 3 Passepartout, which unfortunately – despite of its success – has been cancelled. I heard that it is now showing on La7 but as I don’t own a TV I’m not sure. However, keep informed and, if you get a chance, search for his programme on TV. His mix of culture and witty humour are not to be missed. And, of course, in the meanwhile you can always buy his books!

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