3 14 – Hap(π)y Day

Museo del Balì, Saltara

Pi Day celebrations at Museo del Balì in Saltara, starting from 3 P.M. today, offer competitions and workshops, number memorizations and other fun activities for kids and adults.

Pi Day was created by physicist Larry Shaw  in 1988 – at the San Francisco Exploratorium where he worked – with staff and public marching around one of its circular spaces and eating pies.

The Museo del Balì  – inaugurated in 2004 in Saltara (hinterland of Fano, Province of Pesaro and Urbino) – is an interactive science center created with the aim of promoting scientific culture in Italy, hosted by the beautiful 18th century Villa del Balì.

The science center’s facilities include 35 hands-on interactive exhibits, a 46- seat Planetarium and an Observatory. With an exhibition space fo 2000 sqm, the museum is the second most important scientific museum in Italy.
I love it most in the Summertime, when on the night of San Lorenzo (August 10th) my husband, my daughter and I go to the museum park and lay down on our blanket – together with hundreds of other “dreamers” – and start staring at the dark blue sky, searching for falling stars to wish upon.
Museo del Balì, inside

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