Beware the Ides of March!

Perhaps one of Shakespeare’s most quoted phrase (The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Act.I, Scene II) pronounced by the soothsayer. By the way, what is a “soothsayer”? I cannot but quote my beloved genius, Robin Williams, now, in Good Morning Vietnam: “sounds like something out of the Wizard of Oz… Oh no! Don’t go in there!”.

Talking seriously, the Ides of March – before having us (girls) think of George Clooney’s cute face! – remind us of a bloodier event: the murder of Julius Caesar. And, even if unknown to most “marchigiani”, the author of De Bello Gallico had relations with our region.

To begin with, general Tito Labieno, one of Julius Caesar’s lieutenants, frequently mentioned in the accounts of his military campaigns, was from Cingoli. In addition to that, Cicero (in his Letters to Atticus, VIII) stated that Caesar stopped at Castro Truentino, today Porto d’Ascoli (I must thank Mr Gabriele Nepi for this piece of information).

So what? – you may ask. Well, just wanted to introduce you to Cingoli – one of Italy’s most beautiful cultural villages, in the Province of Macerata, member of Borghi d’Italia and Porto d’Ascoli (in the municipality of San Benedetto del Tronto).

San Benedetto del Tronto, photo by Regione Marche

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