An (indoor) Easter Monday pic-nic

Easter colomba (dove) cake

Today – despite the sun – the temperature outside feels more like Santo Stefano (the day after  Christmas) than Easter Monday. So, alas, we had to give up our traditional pic-nic in Sant’Angelo in Lizzola and go for an indoor pic-nic at my parents’ (our family is a typical Italian run-by-women family – or at least we – women-of -the- family – like to think so; this is why the “big” religious and non-religious celebrations are always held at my parents’).



Ham from Carpegna
Easter Monday: table setting for an “indoor” pic-nic

Anyway, instead of laying a worn-out blanket on the grass (better if it belonged to grandma and – best of all – if it displays a sweet faded pattern you can hardly tell what it used to be), we had an atypical indoor picnic. However, we had to give up the location, but we did not give up the menu which was: ham from Carpegna, fresh pecorino cheese from our nearby hills (many cheese makers from Sardinia in our region produce excellent cheese among which: casciotta d’Urbino, pecorino and ricotta), broad beans (fave – so typical on Easter Monday together with crescia di Pasqua), salami (the so-called “old recipe” kind made in Corsini – a family-run salami-factory in Ginestreto owned by relatives on my mother’s side: the best salami and lonza ever produced!), crescia di Pasqua, melon (the orange kind, not the white one which I love and got to appreciate in Provence), artichokes (the simple way my mother cooks them: with a little garlick, parsley and red wine – if the artichokes are fresh, they taste wonderfully, otherwise – if you are not so sure of their freshness – better slice them and fry them in a pan), salad with onion and minced sardines (the kind of salad we call “puntine”, “little points”) and, last but not least, colomba: our typical Easter dove-shaped cake with almonds and sugar crust.

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