Cristina Ortolani – creativestudio

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APRIL 2012

Cristina Ortolani – creativestudio

Cristina Ortolani, Ex-voto, Pesaro 2004

Cult movies: Ninotchka by Ernst Lubitsch, together with North by Northwest by Alfred Hitchcock, and The pirate by Vincente Minnelli. Cult books: Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice; Cristina Campo, Gli imperdonabili (the Unforgivable); Francis Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby. A place: the light in Provence. Colors: those by Matisse.

She got fond of the “memory” theme after reading Giovannino Guareschi’s books, listening to her grandmother’s tales of ghosts and thanks to her professor, Arnaldo Picchi, whom she got her University degree with, majoring from DAMS in Bologna in 1993. She worked for the opera theatre as a costume designer from 1984 to 2004 (she cherishes now numberless boxes filled with ancient fabrics she’s using to create artworks which have been exhibited all around Italy).

Cristina Ortolani, Vestimenta (exhibition inspired by Tales), “Turandot”, Tavullia, Sala del Cassero, 2004

She is devoting herself to history (and stories) with more than 20 pubblications – mostly tied to the territory of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, among which Pesaro, fashion and memory (2008 and 2009) and The porter of the Diocese. Giovanni Gabucci (1888 – 1948). She also collaborated with the Vittorio De Sica Foundation by writing essays on the costumes in the films of the great director.

She’s writing for internet since 1999, mostly on lifestyle, theatre and cinema.

Since 1996 she has collaborated with local public and private institutions, organizing events and cultural initiatives on the theme of the local memory; in 2005 she created the Memoteque Pian del Bruscolo and conceived theFamily dinners” in Belvedere Fogliense, when the families of the little village open up their houses  for two days to perfect strangers who have the opportunity – for free – to appreciate the local cooking tradition and to spend a pleasant evening around a table and, while eating together, get acquainted with local stories of the past.

In 2010 she created the magazine “Promemoria” and started up the Pesaromemolab Project – a laboratory for sharing memories promoted by the Municipality of Pesaro and by several cultural institutions of the Province.

She was born in Pesaro in 1965, where she lives and works.

Want to know more about Cristina Ortolani’s artworks?

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