Sebastian Rotella – winner of the Urbino Press Award

Urbino, World Heritage site in the Marche region (the “ideal Renaissance city”), gets the international media attention every year for its Urbino Press Award “a recognition of excellence in journalism awarded to American reporters who, through their commitment and daily work, conscientiously inform millions of people”.

On April 25th, at the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C., H.E. Claudio Bisogniero, the Italian Ambassador to the U.S., announced the winner of the seventh annual award: SebastianRotella (ProPublica senior reporter). Previous winners include NPR’s Diane Rehm, the Washington Post’s David Ignatius and the New York Times’ Helene Cooper.

In his acceptance speech at the Italian embassy, Rotella shares a quote from Italian writer Leonardo Sciascia, “La sicurezza del potere si fonda sull’insicurezza dei cittadini,” meaning “the security of power is founded on the insecurity of the citizens.” He explains that this quote not only serves as analysis for how the world truly works but also as a premise for the mission of journalism and of ProPublica.

“ProPublica challenges the security of power. It exposes the abuse of power,” Rotella said. “My talented colleagues have not only won awards and accolades, they’ve become a force for justice and for the future of journalism.” (ProPublica)

The City of Urbino, which during the Renaissance gave life to one of the most enlightened courts of Europe, symbolically reinstates its court which will no longer hear the words of Baldassarre Castiglione or those of Torquato Tasso, but rather the voice and the experience of today’s reporters, the outstanding interpreters of the events that are changing our world.

To learn more about the event and the Ceremony that will be held in Urbino next June, at the Ducal Palace, when Mr Rotella will officially be given the award, visit the website Urbino Press Award.

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