Exhibition at the Job Center (former juvenile prison)

Job Center, Pesaro (former juvenile prison)

On Friday 8th, the first part of the “ArtigiaNati” project has been inaugurated at the Job Center in Pesaro with an exhibition coordinated by Cristina Ortolani for CNA Pesaro (a local trade association), in collaboration with the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, the local Chamber of Commerce and a local bank, Banca dell’Adriatico.

“ArtigiaNati” is a pun – difficult to translate into English – mixing two words: Artigiani (Craftsman) and Nati (born). The exhibition’s primary aim is that of supportinig self entrepreneurship and business culture aimed specifically at young people.

The first part of the project, with meetings between senior craftsmen, students and the magistrate Piercamillo Davigo consists of a multimedia exhibition created by Cristina Ortolani and displayed at the Job Center, in Pesaro, via Luca della Robbia, in the former juvenile prison (open until October 5th).

The “ArtigiaNati” exhibition consists of a movie, with excerpts of interviews with students and entrepreneurs, and 21 panels where words and images blend in a story centered on the Article 1 of our Constitution (“L’Italia è una Repubblica democratica, fondata sul lavoro” – “Italy is a democratic Republic founded on work”). The goal is that of stimulating a debate/meditation on some keywords such as: youth, work, creativity, merit, etc.

An important part of the exhibition is that devoted to the place hosting the exhibition, the former monastery of Santa Maria degli Angeli which, after Italy’s unification, was converted into a prison, for adults at first, and – later on – for the Young (in 1947). Today it hosts the Job Center (since January 2012).

I went to visit the exhibition on its inauguration day, and the words I read on the panels urged me to think, once again, on what kind of world are we leaving to our children. The words of a contemporary philosopher (Roberto Mancini) echoed inside of me. When he talks about hope and its foundation.

Job Center, former juvenile prison and former monastery (courtyard)

Todays’ world seems to be based on a mix between discouragement, depression and cycinism. What means hope today? Synthetically, according to Mancini hope is nourished by yearning: yearning for happiness, for a true life, for a sense of responsability aiming at the good of the others. We hope for the others: we hope because others taught us how to hope and because they themselves are a reason to hope; we hope because others rely on us and we are responsible for their destiny.

I’d like to devote this post to my daughter Costanza, here at the inauguration of the exhibition, while jumping from the well (actually a cistern) of the inner courtyard.

A leap towards a better future we adults are urged to build.


Costanza jumping

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