Fun for kids in town – la mezzanotte bianca dei bambini

Bartolucci works displayed in p.le Collenuccio, Pesaro
Costanza riding a cycle (offered by the organization of the feast)

On Friday 15th and Saturday 16th, the Municipality of Pesaro organized the third edition of the “mezzanotte bianca dei bambini”: a big event for kids in town full of games, clowns, puppets, laboratories, music, ballons, Pinocchios and much, much more.

Our family did go (as we went to the past edition – if you don’t believe me have a look at the 2011 picture gallery and search, in the back of this picture, an incredibile handsome man wearing a red T-shirt and beige trousers: that’s Walter!) and we had a real nice time.

The programme was full of free events and we particularly liked the idea of games and activities being fun and instructive at the same time. Besides, the general atmosphere was that of an old-fashioned feast: an open-air laboratory on how to create swords in the inner garden of a down-town old house, wooden Pinocchios and characters from Collodi’s book made by the company Bartolucci (in Collenuccio square, where the works by Bartolucci were displayed, you could even shoot using a wooden gun loaded with rubber bands!), puppet shows, clowns, art laboratories, cooking laboratories, book readings (even in English), a wall to climb where children, fastened with ropes, could pretend being firemen at work, and many other instructive and yet amusing games.

Puppet show

It was a joy seeing so many children playing together, accompanied by their parents and granparents.

The event has already taken place, so why bother writing about it?

First of all because I tend to be pretty critical towards the local administrators, but when I see a well-organized event, useful for the community, I like to state it and give the Municipality the right credit for it.


Secondly because in our “liquid society” – as Zygmunt Bauman calls our times – where we are urged to reach perfection, to be performing, always ahead of anyone and anything, running (most of the time running to stand still, as the beautiful U2 song goes), I like – for a change – being late, coming after the others, behind. To think and relax.

A beautiful evening with my family. It may sound old-fashioned, I may even be accused of being reactionary.

And yet.

Time spent with the ones you love. Who could ask for anything more?

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