Simone Cantarini, the unruly genius

1612 – 2012 (400th anniversary of the birth of Simone Catarini).

Simone Cantarini, Agar e l’angelo

Ingenious and rebellious, passionate and impetuous, sensitive and arrogant, poet and merchant. He was a provincial painter, today at the height of his international reputation, who dared to challenge Guido Reni, the “divin” maestro.

Three towns of the Adriatic coast (Fano, Pesaro and Rimini) devote their own personal – and yet combined – tribute to Simone Cantarini, the Pesarese.

Fano for Simone Cantarini (June 30th – September 30th) – in the setting of the Pinacoteca San Domenico, the exhibition is centered on the theme of the 17th century art market (in addition to other works, the visitor will be able to admire Agar and the angel – see picture above – and the Madonna with the rose).

Pesaro for Simone Cantarini (July 7th – September 9th) – works by the painter from public and private collections will be housed in the Civic Museum, as well as some hitherto unseen works (including masterpieces such as the portrait of Eleonora Albani Tomasi).

Rimini for Simone Cantarini (July 25th, December 15th 2012 – February 3rd 2013) – Rimini is going to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the birth of Simone Cantarini on two seperate occasions. On July 25th, “Saint James” day, there will be a seminar dedicated to “San Giacomo in Gloria” by Guido Reni. On December 15th the exhibition of drawings and etchings by Cantarini (preserved at the “Oliveriana” library in Pesaro) will be inaugurated.

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