48th International Film Festival in Pesaro

Today starts the 48th International Film Festival in Pesaro (click here for the programme)

Among other events:

- The movies, the world, the “moral look” by Nanni Moretti. The Special Event, in the 2012 edition, will be devoted to this author in a journey across the past decades of our “national” film-making tradition: from the 70’s to the new Millennium; a director who has always managed to explain – and to anticipate – the history of our former “Bel Paese” (Beautiful Country).

- Among the 7 movies competing this year, echoes by Tarantino, Cassavetes and Nouvelle Vague for works that will be judged by Antonietta De Lillo, Francesca Inaudi and Boris Sollazzo.

- Tribute to the German New Cinema 50 years after the Oberhausen Manifesto, with works by Herzog, Straub, Reitz, Kluge and many others.

AvantFestival (yesterday): Quintosole (Fifth Sun) di Marcellino de Baggis e Musi neri (Black faces) di Filippo Biagianti. The latter being a documentary on Italian miners who left our Province to go and work in Belgium (out of 262 dead people in the Marcinelle tragedy in 1956, 136 were Italians and 9 of them were coming from the Province of Pesaro and Urbino). I managed to go and see Black faces yesterday. Very touching.

Movie lovers of the world, unite!

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