Autograph exhibition at The Barber’s bookshop in Pesaro

“CimElio” – autograph exhibition at the Libreria del Barbiere in Pesaro opening this evening

Opening this evening, at 6.30 p.m. – at the “Libreria del Barbiere” in Rossini street, Pesaro (close to Rossini’s birthplace) – the autograph exhibition will be hosted by the Barber’s book-shop until July 28th.

The autograph collection belongs to Elio Giuliani, journalist and collector fond of local history, culture and memory; hence the pun which gives the title to the exhibition, coined by Cristina Ortolani, “CimElio” – a mix between the Italian word “cimelio” (relic, antique), and “Elio”, the name of the owner of the collection.

Upon entering the bookshop, you’ll feel as if you are paying a visit to old illustrious friends – artists and great men (and women!) of the past. Gioachino Rossini, Anselmo Bucci, Dino Garrone, Ercole Luigi Morselli, Elsa De Giorgi, Pietro Mascagni, Amilcare Zanella, Mario del Monaco, Renata Tebaldi and others.

People whose works of art we – Pesaresi – have admired since our child-hood, people we heard of from our grandparents and our friends (I have a 90 year-old friend whose sister dated, some time ago!, the singer Mario Del Monaco), people whose names we read every day, in the names of our streets, people whom our schools are entitled to, people whose spirits pervade our town, people who walk by us.

Old friends, indeed, who gather for us – thanks to Elio Giuliani  – at the Barber’s bookshop in Pesaro.

I won’t certainly miss this odd – and rare – family reunion tonight!

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