One village, one hundred stories – Un paese e cento storie

On November 9th and 10th, the houses of Belvedere Fogliense and of a few other villages of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino open their doors to welcome guests and friends on the 7th edition of the “cene in famiglia” i.e. “dinners at home”, coordinated by Cristina Ortolani.

Families in Belvedere Fogliense, Case Bernardi, Padiglione, Candelara, Monteciccardo, Villa Betti, Montegaudio, Montefabbri and Sant’Angelo in Lizzola, open their houses and prepare the best food for their guests according to the local tradition.

The food is that of festivity days (pasticciata – a roast with lard and cloves in tomato sauce – or gnocchi all’anatra – some sort of “pasta” worked into little round pieces made with flour and potatoes served with duck tomato sauce).

Two things are remarkable about the “cene in famiglia”: anyone can participate – provided they call in advance to book a table seat (the participation is free); you get to taste the “real” Italian food, as it was once served to you by your own grand-mother.

Ida, while reading one of her poems to her guests

The food cooked is only Season food, the pasta is only home-made (most probably using eggs laid by hens owned by the families tehmselves), if a family serves you “field herbs” (those spontaneous bitter herbs we Italians love to eat with piadina) you may bet that a family member (usually the grandfather) went to pick them in the surrounding fields in the morning to serve them to you as fresh as possibile.

It is a unique experience also because during the dinners you get to learn about the local history and stories. Everyone – especially the elders – has a tale to tell (best if in front of a lighted fireplace while eating chest-nuts and sipping local wine). Tales on World War II (the Gothic Line once crossed these territories) told by people who actually lived the war, stories of ghosts, of old times when peasants used to work together to harvest the fields of their neighbours and, when the work was finished, all made a big feast dancing on the barnyard.

It is stories like that, of common but uncommon people, which really make up history.

Besides, on Sunday 11th the whole village will be engaged in the final feast with free cooking classes, creative workshop for children, food & wine tasting, exhibitions, tales, grilled chestnuts (caldarroste), vin brulé, music, Autumn ice-creams and… final cake!

Last year, our “food & wine voice” in WhereLemonsBlossomWalter personally took part in the patacucci class (have a look at this), learning, to our utter satisfaction, to make “pasta” with wheat and corn flour (patacucci are best with beans and tomato sauce).

Walter is the first from the right

You may download the programme here.

You man join the fb page.

You may call this number if you wish to be a guest at the “dinners at home” (cene in famiglia): +39 721 26773 (9.30 am to 12.30 am).


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