Pizza time (2)!

The whole staff of Where Lemons Blossom did go to Belvedere Fogliense yesterday afternoon, for the Feast of Hospitality and Food, despite the rain. As we never miss the Summer Feast in Belvedere (“Festa dell’Estate”), we never miss our Fall appointment with what is to us the cutest and warmest little village in our Province.

Costanza’s own creation: a smiling pizza!

A handful of houses on a hill, a church (with its ghost story: the blessed Ugolino), a bell tower, a little square, a breathtaking panorama on the surrounding hills with olive trees and ‘scotani’ – red in this season and so typicial of this area –  and the warmest people ever.

Walter and I took our almost 4-year-old Costanza to a “pizza mini course” yesterday, as we did last year. Last year, I remember, she was still too short to prepare pizza while standing, so the cooks had her stand on a wooden chair. This year the table was still a little too high for her, and yet she did manage to use the ‘mattarello’ (the rolling pin).

Let’s make pizza: Costanza spreading tomato sauce over her little pizza with the help of a cook

Time goes by, Costanza grows, a few family traditions go on more deep-rooted than ever. And this is one of those family traditions we are clinging to.

Yesterday’s pizza class offers me the possibility of posting again Walter’s fabulous recipe for pizza.

Walter’s fabulous pizza!


  1. Dear Simona, What a thrill to have a vistor from Italy. I’m certain I was Italian in a former life and dream of returning to my ‘homeland’. Until then, I can visit your beautiful site.
    I’m a proud Canadian encouraging and teaching single folks the joys and health benefits of cooking for themselves.Hope to see you back again.

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