Milk limoncello according to Ida

Belvedere Fogliense, 2005. Ida’s house. Milk limoncello and cakes.

Where Lemons Blossom is hosting today a very special recipe from the recipe collection “In cucina con la Dirce” (in the kitchen with Dirce).

Who is Dirce again? For our absent-minded readers:

As a matter of fact, the logo of the event (“One village, one hundred stories”) is the “Dirce”: a cook wearing a different hair style and apron each year (this year she got stylish with a vintage decoration on her apron), serving a cake shaped like the old castle of Belvedere Fogliense (the village where the initiative started seven years ago before involving other villages of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino).

The “Dirce”

Dirce symbolizes the gift of hospitality which does not only mean cooking for guests with the soul (one meal is the cook’s soul turned into food, said someone), but it means giving the guest food with a history behind it.



This is the recipe of Mrs Ida Pazzini Bartolucci (Mamma Ida):


Ingredients: 4 lemons, alcohol (1 liter), milk (2 liters), sugar (2 kilos), vanillin (3 sachets)

Peal the lemons into thin lemon peals and let them rest in infusion –  in alcohol – for 48 hrs.

2 days later, have milk and sugar boil for a few minutes. Let it cool down and then have it boil again for other 2 times (better start the procedure in the morning).

Add the 3 vanillin sachets. Filter alcohol, eliminate lemon peals and then add the milk. Before bottling limoncello, have it evaporate in a large open container for 2/3 hrs.

Here is the recipe in Italian, in case you feel like brushing up your Italian (or starting studying it):

Milk limoncello recipe written by Ida Pazzini Bartolucci on her precious recipe diary



Ingredienti: 4 limoni non trattati, un litro di alcol, 2 litri di latte, 2 kg. di zucchero, 3 bustine di vanillina

Tagliare le bucce di limone il più possibile sottili e lasciarle in infusione per 48 ore nell’alcol. Dopo due giorni far bollire il latte con lo zucchero per qualche minuto. Lasciarlo raffreddare e quindi bollirlo per altre due volte. (Cominciare al mattino).

Aggiungere tre bustine di vanillina. Filtrare l’alcol ed eliminare le bucce di limone, quindi unire il latte. Prima di imbottigliarlo lasciarlo nel recipiente largo, aperto, per due o tre ore, per farlo evaporare.


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