Visual Arts Center in Pesaro

Centro Arti Visive Pescheria – Visual Arts Center – XI Settembre, Pesaro

Today’s post is devoted to the Visual Arts Center in Pesaro, in the old fish market (pescheria), in XI Settembre, half-way between St Augustine church (beautiful gothic portal) and the old manicomio (mental hospital, where my grandfather Carlo, born in the end of the 20th century, used to work).

The Centro Arti Visive Pescheria was founded by the Municipality of Pesaro in 1996 (first director: Loreno Sguanci) with the aim of promoting contemporary art and of stimulating the cultural and artistic life in Pesaro.

The activities organized by the Visual Arts Center mainly focus on personal exhibitions and special projects by Italian artists belonging to different generations, ranging from internationally known artists such as Enzo Cucchi, Mimmo Paladino, Giuseppe Penone, to younger artists as Stefano Arienti or Cristiano Pintaldi.

In 2001 the nearby former chiesa del Suffragio (the church of Intercession) was annexed to the Visual Arts Center – a 17th century deconsascrated building with a dodecagon plan – inaugurated with a personal exhibition by Enzo Cucchi, “Quadri al buio sul Mare Adriatico” (Pictures in the dark on the Adriatic Sea).

Mostra Tony Cragg – Centro Arti Visive Pescheria – Pesaro – giugno 2006 – © Paolo Semprucci 2006

The possibility of having two adjoining exhibition areas, with architectural and structural different features, allowed the Center to invite international aritsts to create special exhibition projects for the place, as when one of today’s most important sculptor, Tony Cragg, was the protagonist of the exhibition Nothing but material” (gathering seven sculptures realized between 1999 and 2006).

On Mon Nov. 12th, the initiative “Amici in Pescheria” (Friends at the ‘Pescheria’) was presented at Palazzo Gradari in Pesaro, with the purpose of supporting Fondazione Pescheria in its growing process and in the organization of exhibitions, projects and meetings to offer to contemporary art lovers or simply to attract visitors who want to approach visual arts.

If you are planning to come to Pesaro, or in the surrounding areas, I would suggest you to also visit TAM the Center for the Artistical Treatment of Metals – Centro di Trattamento Artistico dei Metalli – founded in Pietrarubbia by Arnaldo Pomodoro and the Municipality of Pietrarubbia in 1990.

Pietrarubbia, the ‘borgo’ (village) – from the Il Vicariato website

In the ancient village of Pietrarubbia, you may want to stop at  Il Vicariato, an agritourism where you can rest and re-set your eyes – after being exposed to so much art (ever heard of Stendhal synodrome?). Well, before fainting you may want to have a seat in their traditional inn and taste the flavours of tradition: those leading us back to our grandmothers’ creativity, in a special mix of Romagna and Marche food culture.

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