Chocolate for Christmas, With a Vengeance

Chocolate liqueur label
Nonna’s Own Chocolate,
End-of-world Edition

We were really amazed at the successof last year’s chocolate liqueur: we made more bottles after the holidays than before. So we couldn’t resist taking on the dumbest, most virulent prophecy fad of the decade as an excuse for getting at it again, with a vengeance.

Enter “Nonna’s Own Chocolate, End-of-world Edition”, this year’s treat to our chocolate-loving friends. Problem: how do you go about improving on granny’s recipe? The geek way, of course: it’s a chocolate liqueur? Well, you put in more chocolate and more booze.

Of course, being a fan of the experimental method, I couldn’t simply throw more stuff in and be done with it, no: I had to endure a battery of tests (luckily, no blood donations were in sight). Result: this thing rocks. Or, for the linguistically pedantic out there, you end up rocking unless you are somehow frugal (sixth of a gill, anyone?) in serving.

Luckily for us, we’ll enjoy a few more days of holiday, so we’re sure to cope with the new batch.

And now, enough post. It’s LEGO time in the living room, I hear. Or maybe the Cinderella DVD.

Wherever you are, I hope you can get together with the ones you love. Be well.

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