Winter Sea


Here’s an event to start this 2013 as Ianus Bifrons would – the God of beginnings and transitions:  one look behind (the past century) and one look ahead.


The exhibition: “Beach fellas. Bathing establishments, lifeguards and beach attenders in 20th-century Pesaro” organized by Cristina Ortolani will be open in Pesaro, Palazzo Gradari, until Jan 20th.

The exhibition, promoted by the Museo della Marineria Washington Patrignani and by the Bathing Attendants’ Association has been organized within the third edition of the initiative “Il Mare d’Inverno” (Winter Sea).

The story of over one hundred bathing seasons in Pesaro is told through pictures, memories and people, from Pasqualon to Fabio Tombari, to Paolo Conte. Among the faces to be found in the pictures, the one of Washington Patrignani, the founder of the Sea Museum from whose archives many pictures come.

The exhibition is open to the public with the following opening hours: Mon-Fri 5 pm-7 pm; Sat-Sun from 4 pm to 7 pm.


On the closing day (Jan 20th) of the exhibition, the Sea Museum (Museo della Marineria) entitled to Washington Patrignani organizes a free workshop for children and parents, at 4.30 pm, called “Jelly Fish and Sea Dragons: a sea of tales, a sea of troubles”: animated tales and works using words, paper and colors, to create an adventurous world made of pirates, mermaids, fish and sea monsters.

For info and booking: tel. 0721 387541,


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