Heartworks by Cristina Ortolani

Awesome works by my favourite Italian artist (who also happens to be – incidentally – my sister).

   quilt_strappo_01_light1 arazzo-grande-ambientato-light-dett

“Heartworks” deal with one of Cristina’s favorite themes: fragments telling stories and tales. Marked by a a red heart, these works are handmade and use fabrics from all around the world, ranging from old Japanese kimono silks to US fabrics from 19th century quilts. Just like quilts, “heartworks” by Cristina Ortolani tell a thousand stories that can be traced back by “reading” the numberless pieces patiently sewn together. Each work is accompanied by a description of the fabrics used. To know more about Cristina’s works have a look at this page.


La serie “heartworks” approfondisce la ricerca sul tema del frammento come specchio di storie e racconti. Contrassegnate da un cuore rosso, queste tele sono realizzate cucendo a mano tessuti provenienti da tutto il mondo, a partire da sete di antichi kimono giapponesi e intarsi di stoffe ricavati da quilts statunitensi della seconda metà dell’Ottocento. Proprio come i quilt anche gli “heartworks” di Cristina Ortolani raccontano mille storie, e possono essere letti attraverso gli innumerevoli ritagli pazientemente assemblati.
Ogni tela è accompagnata dalla descrizione dei frammenti di tessuto utilizzati, dei quali è indicata la provenienza.

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  1. Simona,
    Thank you for stopping by my site today. I have never been to Italy and am intrigued by your ‘about’ introduction on WordPress. I’ve signed up for an email subscription, it will be fun to visit via your tour. The recipe you recently shared looks delicious and I love to cook so I will try it as soon as I can figure out how to translate to English.

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