Miralfiore Park in Pesaro

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I was in Kiev a couple of weeks ago, for work, and had the opportunity of visiting the beautiful Monastery of St. Sophia, St. Andrew’s cathedral and St. Micheal’s cathedral. Unfortunately I had no time to visit – as I did back in 2008 – my beloved Monastery of Pechersk-Lavra. The weather during my stay in Ukraine was mild; however, on my very last day, it started snowing and the temperatures went down below zero.

So, the day after I got back home, I felt the need of going to a place where I could feel that Springtime was near. During the past rainy Winter (and rainy Spring) I kept repeating myself: “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”. The answer of course was ‘no’ – however here in Pesaro we all long for Spring, sunshine, flowers, swallows (yes, even those who – like me – suffer from Spring allergies!).

So, Walter and I took our daughter Costanza to Miralfiore Park in Pesaro.

The Parco Miralfiore is a 23-hectare public park in the heart of the town of Pesaro, with a high naturalistic value, characterized be several kinds of settings among which: the naturalistic area (4.5 ha) with a little lake of 8.000 sqm; the amphitheatre for open-air shows;  a central square with fountain and a restaurant/bar; children playground; a path for bikes and pedestrians with a sequence of thematic gardens; hood.

Inside the park, a villa: a country house once owned by the Sforza Family, which later belonged to Guidubaldo II Della Rovere in 1599. Today it belongs to a local entrepreneur.

Bartolomeo Genga and Filippo Terzi were the architects who enlarged it and restored it.

Anyway, as you can see in the gallery above, the park is very beautiful and is the ideal place to take kids both in the Springtime and in the Summer. There is a large playground conceived for the little ones and for the older boys and girls and – as you can see – flowers everywhere (on trees, on the ground).

In the grass, I spotted the flowers of my childhood: daisies, forget-me-nots and pee-in-bed (I seriously doubt that this flower is known in the anglo-saxon world as ‘pee-in-bad’, however that’s the way we called it, deriving the name, I suppose, from its being yellow).

The Serra degli Agrumi is a bar/restaurant inside the park, where parents organize birthday parties for their children (our Costanza attended the birthday party of a school mate there just one week ago) or where people have lunch/dinner, or simply enjoy an ice-cream or a coffee in the shade.

As a family we like going to this park, especially in the Summer, when it seems to be too hot to go to the beach.

Alas we won’t go there today as the weather looks more November-like.

This is how Pesaro (the Adriatic see) looked yesterday evening. It makes you want to eat roasted chest-nuts and sip vin brûlé, more than enjoy a Spring ice-cream – doesn’t it?



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