Promemoria, let’s not forget where we come from

fragoleThe 4th number of Promemoria, the magazine by Cristina Ortolani dealing with our ‘local’ memories and telling ‘stories’ which make up ‘history’, is going to be presented today, Saturday 13th, at the Pescheria (5.30 pm) in Pesaro, and on Saturday 20th at the Azienda Agricola “Il Conventino” in Monteciccardo (5.30  PM).

I’ve already written on Promemoria and on the Memoteca Pian del Bruscolo project several times – and enthusiastically too! – because I am fond of projects aiming at preserving and cherishing our past, especially those which have the rare power of making you feel ‘at home’ in the past.

The ‘history’ told by Cristina Ortolani in her projects, is that of  (apparently) ‘ordinary people’ and ‘their (apparently) ordinary’ life seen through ‘talking’ objects: pictures, diaries, clothes, recipes, fragments of lives. What strikes me most is the vivid picture of our past that springs out from all her projects devoted to the preservation of our shared, local, historywhich is not simply a local history, but is a universal history – because each human being has a whole universe of emotions, dreams, mistakes, relations, memories, regrets, joys, grieves that make us unique in our own way and yet all alike.

And, because of our aspirations, the moving discrepancy about who we are and who we struggle to be, we all deserve being remembered.


In the end, biscuits according to a 19th century recipe will be offered to all participants, together with a free copy of the magazine.

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