La Dirce – The Movie (preview dinner)

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Yesterday night we had a good excuse to be back at our friends’ in Locanda Montelippo: the preview of “La Dirce – The Movie”, a 34-minute documentary on last year’s “Cene in Famiglia” (Family Dinners), the key event of “One Village and one houndred stories” (here a photogallery).

Simona and I had a wonderful drive there at sunset, and these hills are just awesome at sunset, as you can see in the picture we took from the car.

Locanda Montelipo at sunset
Locanda Montelippo at sunset

It was an incredible evening. The documentary, a professional piece of work, was touching in portraying an event that revolves around being someone’s free guest for a night. There were short interviews to the several wineries and farms that helped make the event possible, but nothing that remotely resembled a commercial: just people who love their job and show it.

Many thanks to the families of the “Cene in Famiglia” 2012, and to: Simone Pizzi, Michela De Paola and Stefano Paganini of Italian Podcast Network for the interviews and Alex G. Raccuglia for shooting and editing the video.


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