The Most Serious Place On Earth, When It Comes To Food

How did you like yesterday’s story about “La Dirce – The Movie“?

And maybe you thought that was that, people rallying in a nice location to watch a video —and you would be wrong.

My country does not exactly have a fame of seriousness, but that’s just because statistics focus on the wrong things, you know, GDP, public debt and related wonk-chow.

Actually, Italy is the most serious country on Earth —for food.

So, of course, the premiere of a video about dinners could only happen during a dinner. And what a dinner!

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  1. Being a “Caker-shaker” and having spent most of my life with my friend’s Italian family and my sweet Adorato Antonio, you could not be more correct in saying that as a society, there is no one that takes food as seriously as the Italians. The French would make a strong argument, but their cooking is more about rich indulgence rather than the enjoyment of the simple foods of the land around you and how to savour it 10,000 ways. MMMmmmm I love my sweetheart’s passion for food !!!!

    • Hi Easter Ellen, I couldn’t agree more. Yes, our French “cousins” would surely make an argument, but they simply do not have our obsession for food. And while they did invent that funny art form called haute cuisine, their everyday home food is quite bland.
      So, compliments on your choice for a friend. Say hi to Adorato Antonio from us, and do come back!

  2. I am glad to have found you. I love Italy, although I have only been there once. I am an art teacher and brought art students there to see art. I look forward to reading your work.

    • hello farmingartist. we too love this country. I guess it’s fair to say you don’t know art if you haven’t seen Italy’s. that is why it’s so hurtfl to see how little Italy has been taking care of itself for itself in these past decades, as if out past was a burden too heavy to carry. Thank you for your support, we thnk you’ll love the material that’s coming.

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