A Deontological Note

You may have noticed we have started writing about commercial activities.

So you may suspect we write for money, and I’ll reply in the simplest possible terms: we don’t.

Your trust in this being a genuine blog is well-placed because:

  1. We do not accept payment in any form for writing about a product or business
  2. we only write about what we have personally tried and liked
  3. we only write about stuff that embodies the idea of “real Italy” this blog is about.

Yes, we know it’s so “2.0” to flood the social networks about your wonderful experience with the latest free sample you received or the latest sponsor you got, we just don’t do that. Call us old school, we believe our value is in our independence. And you just cannot buy that.

We’re not saying we are above being paid: we do have a “monetization plan” we’ll unveil shortly, but that does not include smuggling paid content as if it were our independent opinion.

Thank you for reading us.

Simona and Walter


    • You are right, Ivonne, it’s our blog and we write what we like. But I felt readers would like to know we do not endorse product placement 🙂

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