36th children’s book fair in Morciola

I cannot think of a best way to celebrate Mother’s Day than enjoying a Sunday afternoon among children books with my 4-year-old daughter Costanza.

If you happen to visit the Province of Pesaro and Urbino in May, whether you have children or not, I suggest you to call on Morciola book fair (within the municipality of Colbordolo, half way between Pesaro and Urbino).

First of all, the children’s book fair (celebrating in 2013 its 36th edition!) is hosted by the ‘SportingBocciodromo‘ (the English on-line translator gives me ‘bowling ground’ – however the very Italian ‘bocce’ game is more similar to the French ‘pétanque’ than to bowling). Anyway, I remember reading on my guide – when I was in Saint-Paul-de-Vence (Provence) a few years ago – that the elderly playing pétanque was a scene you didn’t want to miss; well, if you ever come to Italy, especially in the Summer (the ‘bocce’ players give their best on hot Summer days), and if you have spare time, you might as well stop by any ‘bocce’ playground you come across, and get quite a colorful overview on Italians (!)

A second reason to visit the children’s book fair is that it gives grown-ups the opportunity of going back in time and feel the excitement of being surrounded by colorful, fascinating books; whereas it gives the children the excitement of being children, surrounded by colorful, fascinating books!

This afternoon we attended the inauguration and, besides thebook show, there was a children make-up artist who drew beautiful butterflies on bewildered children’s faces.

This year’s theme is ‘monsters’ and the show (‘mostra’ in Italian) has been called ‘mostra selvaggia’ (a pun gaming with ‘mostra’ – show in Italian – and ‘mostro‘ – monster) – ‘wilde monster/show’.

The Book Library of Pian del Bruscolo (a union gathering the municipalities of Colbordolo, Montelabbate, Montecchio, Monteciccardo-Sant’Angelo in Lizzola and Tavullia) have succeeded also this year in organising a ‘programma mostruoso’ (another pun meaning scary/awesome programme)

The book fair will be open until May 18th but watch out: a few activities each day are reserved to schools, so please refer to the programme if you wish to visit.

I was glad to find ‘Pinocchio’ by Collodi (the book my dad used to read me to sleep when I was a child), Pippi Longstocking (my favourite TV serial!) and a book we got for Costanza on the Italian singer/minstrel Angelo Branduardi’s ‘La pulce d’acqua’ (a song she likes to whistle when we ride on the car).

And last but not least, ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: maybe the most poetic book ever written for children and adults. It’s thanks to ‘If you please – draw me a sheep’ that I started my sheep collection (by the way, I bought one of my favourite pieces of my collection in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, in a shop close to the pétanque playground I mentioned above… tout ce tient!)


  1. Love childrens’ books (I’m a 3rd grade teacher) and you’re right–this looks like a great way to spend a Mothers’ Day with your daughter. thanks for the post.

  2. One of the things I miss, now my children are teens, is reading picture books to them at bedtime. Lot’s of happy memories. Our family favourite is a book by Trish Cooke, ‘So much’. Great pictures in this post. Thanks.

    • Hi lundygirl, you are right. It’s such a joy for me reading books to our little Costanza. Her favourite books right now are: ‘The Jungle Book’, ‘Pippi Longstocking’ and ‘Pinocchio’. I’ve never heard of Trish Cooke’s ‘So much’. I’ll search the web to see if there is an Italian translation of the book!. Thank you for sharing your experience and for stopping by.

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