May Fair

fierademaggI don’t know about you, but when it comes to the ‘what-are-we-going-to-do-next-Sunday?’ issue, being a mother I tend to give priority to what our little Costanza would be pleased to do. Besides, I am often pushed by the ‘inner wanna-be pedagogue’ in the choices I make, trying to combine fun with educational aims.

Sometimes I succeed, like I did last Sunday, taking her to the beautiful children’s book fair in Colbordolo, some others I totally fail like when I took her to the ‘Puppet Opera Festival’ in Pesaro (BOF) last Summer. As an adult, I enjoyed Rossini’s ‘Cenerentola’ shortened version and I loved the wooden hand-made puppets. However, Costanza got immensely bored at staring puppets singing opera and kept asking me: ‘when is the Prince going to arrive?’.

Next Sunday (May 19th) we’ll take Costanza to the ‘Fiera de Magg’ (May fair in local vernacular) displaying in Bottega di Colbordolo (Province of Pesaro and Urbino). I’ve never been there but it seems the typical traditional open-air event you don’t want your daughter to miss, as ‘traditional’ feasts tied to the farmer’s world tend to be dismissed with the passing of time.

As my mother was born in Ginestreto, a lovely little village on the surrounding hills, she has beautiful recollections of country feasts from her childhood. I remember one, in particular, the so-called ‘festa sull’aia’ (farmyard feast): when it was harvest time, neighbours would all gather and help the owner of the cornfield to harvest (for free, of course, remember the ‘social catena’ of my latest post?). So, the family owing the land would organize a feast for all those who helped out, offering food, wine and music (mostly played by accordion players). Oh my, right now I’m actually thinking of the musical ‘Oklahoma’ by Rodgers and Hammerstein… ‘the farmer and the cowman should be friends’ (who knows me also knows about my insane passion for American musicals – especially those starring Gene Kelly!).

Going back to the fair, the programme looks promising: creative workshop for children, sheep-shearing, exhibition of farm animals – including those we call ‘animali da cortile’ (courtyard animals) – exhibitions of: ‘objects from the past’, old and new agricultural machineries, farming tools,  and – being in Italy – you’ll find the inevitable booths selling all kinds of local eno-gastronomic products.

Coldiretti ‘Campagna Amica’ will also take part in the event, offering typical local products tasting (wine, olive oil, cheese, ham, salami & much more).

In addition to that, a few nearby restaurants/agritourisms will offer – for the occasion – an 18 EUR menu.

For more info, please go to ‘Fiera de Magg‘. You’ll find us there, if it does not rain.

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