Itinieraries Through The Real Italy, As Seen From The Heart

Our analytics Department, run by the commendable Dr. Lem C. Itrus, tells us you really like what we write, and we are very grateful. We keep this blog out our passion for our country, and in these times it’s also helpful to remind ourselves why love it.

Then a friend came to us with a weird idea: maybe you would like to experience what we write about. Like, you know, the real way, not like your average tourist.

Seeing things you don’t easily find on guides, or don’t find at all?

Or on a specially-designed tour a “serious” travel agent would scoff at? Eating where locals eat (no spaghetti bolognese on the menu)?

Take a wine tour through wineries you’ll never find back home?

And, to top it off, with us as your personal travel companion?

We really could not see anything wrong with the idea, and so… WLB Itineraries was born.

Why don’t you give the page a look and tell us what you think? Hey, if we’re gone nuts we’d love to know it from you first.

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