Open-air Music Festival

Yesterday evening the ‘musical heart’ of Pesaro pulsed with music from 4.00 to 10.00 pm.

Thanks to the violin maker Maestro Daniele Canu, whose workshop and music museum are right in front of the Music Conservatory, and thanks to shop keepers, bars, restaurants and pizzerias of the area (and thanks to the Municipality of Pesaro and to two local trade associations ), a few streets in the centre of Pesaro (via Almerici, via Zongo, Piazza Oliveri, via Sabbatini and others) hosted several musical groups playing different kinds of music.

A ‘Musical Offer’ to the town of Pesaro, to enjoy music together and to have the ‘musical heart’ of the town beat as it has never done before.

Among other groups, the Sabbatini Chamber Orchestra (where I play among the second violins) performed classical music and film music conducted by Maestro Daniele Rossi.

It has been a moving experience  to play in an open-air concert and see people stopping by, enjoying an unusual situation: a chamber orchestra playing on the street – I know that in other countries you happen to see musicians playing on the street quite often: conservatory students or just amateur musicians, all sharing a common love for music; but – alas! – in Italy music seems to be the hostage of a so-called ‘élite’: so you are either ‘in’ (in the Conservatory) or ‘out’ (out of the Conservatory which hardly gives you the right of playing in public, if not at all!). This, of course, is a generalization.

Our orchestra, for example, is made of professionial musicians and amateur musicians, all enjoying playing music together. Whoever decides to join our orchestra must, first of all, undersign a non-written agreement stating (more or less) that he/she plays to enjoy music together in a friendly atmoshpere (no show-offs, no stars). Who understands this is ‘in’ to us, the others are ‘out’!

In one of the pictures you’ll see that our orchestra played ‘Happy birthday to you’ to the owner of one of Pesaro’s oldest music stores – right in front of her shop: this, too, is the ‘spirit’ which animates our orchestra: enjoy playing music together and offering it to people.

I hope you too will enjoy the pictures and the music behind them!


  1. Cara Simona,

    it was a great occasion to reveal the musical heart of the city. I hope this can be a starting point and become an annual meeting.

    Thanks for sharing and for the beautiful photos!

    • Dear Ale,

      the idea of an annual meeting is great.

      Once again, thanks to Daniele Canu, the organizer of this beautiful open-air music festival, who gave us the opportunity of playing together and sharing music with others!

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