Down by the Poets’ Fountain

Yesterday evening Where Lemons Blossom took part to the presentation of the book on Sant’Angelo in Lizzola by Cristina Ortolani. The many people attending (historians, inhabitants of Sant’Angelo, people fond of local history and searching for their own ‘roots’, friends) had the privilege to sit in an open-air sort of ‘theatre’, in the countryside, with a breath-taking view on the surrounding hills, enjoying the shade of centuries-old trees while listening to curious anectodes at la Fonte dei Poeti (the Poets’ Fountain).

Pictures often tell more than words. So yesterday I took a few pictures of our trip from Pesaro to Sant’Angelo (through the so-called ‘Beautiful Oak street’) and from Sant’Angelo to Colbordolo, where we ended up having dinner at the faboulous agritourism Locanda Montelippo, in order to share with you the beauty of this little corner of Italy (the Province of Pesaro and Urbino). Sunflowers, castles, hills, blue sky, history, nature and people gathering to listen to the past, not to forget where we come from.

Non si possono risuscitare le vite finite nell’archivio. Ma questa non è una buona ragione per farle morire una seconda volta.

You cannot revive lives ended up in the archive. However, this is not a good reason to have them die a second time.

Arlette Farge, Il piacere dell’archivio (Essedue edizioni, Verona 1991)


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