‘My’ beach, on the Adriatic coast

4 Blue Flags have been assigned this year to the 4 sea municipalities of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino (being the ‘Blue Flag’ an international acknowledgement – an ‘eco-label’ – given to touristic seaside resorts which are managed according to environmental sustainability standards). The Marche region ranks second this year, in Italy, as far as the number of seaside resorts awarded (18 out of 23).

Yesterday I spent a lovely morning at the beach in Pesaro, with my family, and wanted to share a few pictures with you. Pesaro has a 7 km-long beach (including equipped and ‘free’ areas) enclosed by two hills (which we call monte, ‘mount’): San Bartolo hill in the north, and Ardizio hill in the south (did you know that Pavarotti owned once a villa on San Bartolo hill, facing the sea?).

Besides the so-called spiaggia di ponente (western beach) and the spiaggia di levante (eastern beach), we have the beach I like the most: the southern one we call sottomonte (‘under the mount’, being the ‘mount’, the Ardizio hill). I like it because it does not have hotels standing behind it, allowing you that blissful sensation of being a part of nature. In the month of May, my favourite one, the hill is covered by yellow wild brooms, and the green vegetation has not suffered yet from those sultry and dusty August days – a sign that Summer is about to end.

I could never live in a city that doesn’t have the sea.

Our family Summer rites at the beach include (in this order): an expresso coffee at the beach bar as soon as we arrive, leave our things (buckets, shovels, rakes, a huge enflatable green crocodile too this year!) under the big umbrella (with our family faded names written on it), go to check if the water is cold (it is always cold as we arrive early in the morning), rub generous doses of suntan cream on everybody’s shoulders and noses (especially our 4-year-old Costanza’s shoulders), and then: off we go heading to incredible new adventures! I personally love taking walks into the water, but I also love playing with our little girl, picking sea-shells and little stones (each year we fill a glass jar with sea-shells and place it somewhere in the house), jumping on waves, standing on the sand close to the sea and feel my feet sinking into it little by little, going to the bar for a second (third, fourth…) coffee, eat a bombolone (with my second coffee): a pastry with cream inside that I only eat when at the beach.

Colorful beach umbrellas, sea-gulls, sand castles, sailing boats, hills, the sea, bomboloni: that’s life to me!

If you are planning a journey to the Marche, I suggest you to visit our WLB Itineraries. Ask us all the questions you feel like: we’ll be more than glad to help you and give you useful hints to visit this beautiful little corner of Italy.


  1. You are killing me! It’s 5 degrees C outside and it has rained most of the day [I’m only kidding, I love winter].
    We both love the idea of filling a glass jar with sea shells, I love the idea of cream cakes that you only eat by the sea side.

    • Ciao Terry,
      glass jars with sea shells, cream cakes by the sea side: I love these little ‘rites’. They add ‘salt’ to the different seasons. Happy Winter and thank you for stopping by.

  2. So nice to see sunny beach photos. I live in Midwestern Indiana, USA and we haven’t seen the sun for several days, rain & fog yes. We are sooo far away from a tropical beach here. Closest thing is the Indiana dunes on Lake Michigan – a real miracle beach when you see it with the pure white sands. Thanks for posting! 🙂

    • Hi Annie,
      in 1990 I attended a year of university in Illinois. Unfortunately I never went to the Indiana dunes on Lake Michigan, but I did go a couple of times to Lake Michigan and I remember how beautiful it is there. Thank you for reminding me of that beautiful year spent in the US!

      • You’re welcome! 🙂 My first time to the dunes, I was totally amazed that something so tropical looking was so far north. It’s a real treat for the eyes.

  3. I grew up in Gaeta – we left over thirty five years ago, I still miss it! I did find an ocean to live near, early influences die hard. Beautiful Blog! Susan

  4. Hi Susan. Shame on me: I have never been to Gaeta. I know it is really beautiful, though, and I’ll try to make up for it very soon! I don’t know where you live now, but if it looks like the picture you have on your blog… well, congratulations!

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