The ‘Harbor Feast’ in Pesaro

One of life’s ‘steady points’ to me is the Festa del Porto in Pesaro (Harbor Feast) when, on the first Sunday of the month of July, I take part to the feast with my family and friends.

Stalls (toys, books, shoes, pets, clothes), grilled fish booths, saling boats, balloons,  fireworks, music, cotton candies and people everywhere  mark the ‘real’ beginning of the Summer season here.

Each year my sister and I have our rite, the rite of fishing toy ducks or swans and get our prize (most of the times a tacky stuffed toy animal that she – being the elder sister – leaves to me). Last night, unfortunately, no duck fishing, only shooting instead. However, Walter was in the mood to shoot and he got our Costanza a really tacky white stuffed rabbit wearing a shining red top hat (she loved it though).

The fireworks were beautiful (they even had a smiley in the sky but we did not manage to take a picture of it).

Actually the Festa del Porto – a religious feast dating back to the 15th century – lasts a whole week with many events (religious events but also events for children, fish cooking contests, games, painting exhibitions, music and theatre performances, lottery).

My mother, who was born in Ginestreto (in the nearby hills), lived with her family close to the harbor when she was a teen-ager, and my father – whose family lived in the heart of the historical centre of Pesaro before WWII – spent his youth in a house close to the harbor (in front of Villa Molaroni). The harbor church is the church where my parents got married in 1964. So, even if I grew up (and still live) in a totally different neighbourhood, our family has strong ties with the harbor quarter, and this is why we cannot miss attending the Harbor Feast every year.

I could not but buy a lottery ticket (one for me and one for my sister). This morning, at 10.30 (Italian time), they will proclaim the winners. Wish me good luck: I may win a pot set!


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