Cabbage for dinner

It’s not the first time that we share our unique culinary experiences at Locanda Montelippo with you. This is because we are fond of this family-run agritourism between the World Heritage ‘Ideal City’ of Urbino and Gioachino Rossini’s home town on the Adriatic coast, Pesaro.

As I wrote in one of my previous posts, the cooking – the love for food and tradition – is one of Montelippo strongest point. Thanks to chef Andrea’s exquisite taste, tradition meets modern genius, with a particular attention to quality.

And, as a matter of fact, on Friday, Jan 31st (by the way, on Chinese New Year’s Eve -what a great way to start un anno nuovo!), Where Lemons Blossom full staff (which means we took our 5-year-old daughter Costanza with us) enjoyed a very special dinner at Locanda Montelippo, along with good friends: a cabbage-based dinner (A cena … col cavolo!).

Before I introduce you to the exquisite menu, let me tell you that most of the products are grown in their garden or are locally grown, the food is organic and pasta is strictly home-made. Besides, the chef Andrea is an exceptional cook with a 15-year-long experience in Italy and abroad; he has been executive chef of a prestigious hotel chain, where he and his staff – in San Francisco – were awarded a deserved Michelin star. Vegans and coeliacs find here their own menu as well.

Cabbage can be a really eclectic vegetable (see Walter’s cauliflower un-quiche!) and, as it is almost the only fresh vegetable we can find in Winter time around here, I think I’ll try to steal a few tips!

Here is the menu we enjoyed:

Appetizers –  cabbage salad (cavolo cappuccio) – carrots, apple, nuts & pecorino cheese / Salty cake with Brussels sprouts and hazelnuts / Ribollita (Tuscan soup) – black cabbage, Savoy cabbage, beans and other vegetables (according to your gusto)

Main course – Spaghetti with oil, garlick & red pepper  (Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino) on a cabbage velvet sauce / Ricotta cheese and spelt flour gnocchi with Brussels sprouts

Second course – Pork tenderloin in crosta with red cabbage in aromatic vinegar and mashed cauliflower

Together with home-baked biscuits and cakes we also enjoyed their excellent home made ‘vino di visciole’ (sour cherry wine).

Any idea for your lunch tomorrow?



  1. Hi Simona, love your blog. Also love this post. I guess Friday was the night for cabbage? Alida over at mylittleitaliankitchen was making cabbage for dinner on Friday. 🙂

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