Dirce goes to Milan!


Mrs Dirce, testimonial of the event Un Paese e Cento Storie – One village and one hundred stories (see post below) – goes to Milan tomorrow for her first time! Actually she is going to Italy’s tourism fair BIT and I guess she is sitting right now at her niece’s hair salon to get her beloved shade of red for the occasion.

Mrs Dirce represents the authentic Italian hospitality you can experience in a very special corner of Italy: a magic territory between the Adriatic coast (the town of Pesaro, where the composer Gioachino Rossini was born) and the hilly hinterland towards the Renaissance ‘jewel’ of Urbino – the ‘World Heritage ‘Ideal City’ where the painter Raphael was born.

Mrs Dirce is a simple woman who loves making her own ‘passatelli’ or ‘tagliatelle’ and loves preparing local traditional food when her children and little nephews and nieces go to visit on Sundays. She lives in a little village on the hills, leads a happy life surrounded by beautiful landscapes in the northern Marche region (the ones Piero della Francesca depicted so well), eats local and healthy food and, most of all, loves cooking for friends and her beloved ones.

A meal, is the soul of the cook turned into food: that’s her motto. And this is why she is the testimonial of the event I wrote about yesterday, One village, one hundred stories. And that’s why she is also going tomorrow at the BIT in Milan.

She feels very excited and is a little scared too. She is good at cooking but speaking in front of an audience scares her bit (I wonder if she’s going to have a drop of limoncello before starting her speech!)

However, I am sure she will do very good. Who knows? Maybe she is taking one of her famous ‘ciambellone cake’ with to share with the audience. I bet she does. She cannot but share food (and pieces of her soul too).

Whoever of you is visiting BIT tomorrow, please take notice:

On February 15th, at 4.30 pm, Dirce is waiting to meet you at the BIT, Regione Marche booth, pav.1, booth B19/C12.

Thanks to the Marche Region for hosting Dirce and One village, one hundred stories in their booth!


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