San Anastasio in Roncosambaccio

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending a concert at San Anastasio church, in Roncosambaccio, a little village on the hills between Pesaro and Fano. The church, entitled to San Vincenzo and Anastasio, dates back to the 10th century. I’m not an expert and I cannot tell you whether the paintings or the organ inside are worth the hassle of getting lost in narrow unpaved country roads (that’s what happend to me and my daughter yesterday!). However, I can tell you at least one good reason why you should go there if you ever get the chance: wildflowers in recycled jars placed under holy images.

There is nothing artificial in that. A simple action. A humble flower in a humble vase. Maybe this is what we all should be: humble flowers in humble jars.

Well, here is a gallery of pictures I took yesterday. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the delicious pre-Easter buffet that was offered to the participants after the concert (too busy to eat!). Anyway, besides Crescia di Pasqua (Easter pizza) with salami we tasted fave & pecorino (fava beans with pecorino cheese – typical pic-nic food for May 1st around here) and other country (humble) delicacies.

To top it all: a gorgeous sun-set on our way back home. A perfect day to (humbly) step into Holy Week.



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