Easter lunch at nonna Lella’s

Here is a (yummy) gallery of all the delicacies that nonna Lella (grandma Lella – my mother) cooked for our family at Easter lunch yesterday.

The idea is that of posting one recipe a day (I’ll have Walter, our Food & Wine expert at WLB help me – as he has just come back from London!).

Basically, nonna Lella served us our traditional Easter food: Crescia di Pasqua (Easter pizza), green lasagne, pasticciata, tiramisù and other local dishes. The same menu nonna Lella‘s grandmother used to cook at Easter time, and the same menu my grandmother used to cook when I was a child.

I’ve changed since then, I’ve grown older (!) and have a daughter of my own now, and yet – when Easter comes – I know that despite of all changes, Crescia di Pasqua will still be there, telling us all Springtime has come again.





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