Dante’s peak and, incidentally, happy anniversary WLB!

Yesterday I took a day off at work to celebrate my …th (!!!) birthday. Besides my compleanno, in these days I have another event to celebrate: my 4th year of blogging activity!

Yes, thanks to Walter (our Food & Wine expert and our IT Manager as well) who actually set up my blog, and thanks to Cristina (who designed the logo and chose that shade of yellow and that shade of green from a million color palette!), my blogging dream came true.  So, grazie Walter, grazie Cristina!

Yesterday I decided that the best way to celebrate my birthday was doing ordinary things in an ordinary way (i.e. with a human pace, instead of running my way through our town chasing my schedule, Walter’s schedule, my daughter’s schedule, and trying to have all schedules meet at a given point of the day (dinner) before collapsing on our crowded bed while Walter reads me (it should be Costanza!) to sleep with Gianni (a huge stuffed elephant) on my feet and Lala (the yellow Teletubby) between my daughter and Walter.

Anyway, my ordinary day yesterday started at Polvere di Caffè (an amazing bakery and pastry shop where Walter took me for our second breakfast: cappuccino with zabaglione cream: what a bright idea!), it proceeded with a visit to the  Biblioteca San Giovanni in Pesaro and it ended up at Gennaro’s (a gorgeous family-run Italian trattoria, known for their excellent just-fished-and-cooked fish) with a half-way stop at Fiorenzuola di Focara – a very picturesque Italian cliff on the sea, quoted by Dante in his Divine Comedy, where the fragrance of acacias and yellow wild brooms seemed to wish me buon compleanno, Simona!



    • The wild broom (‘ginestra’ in Italian) happens to be one of my favourite flowers.

      There’s a beautiful poem by Giacomo Leopardi – incidentally he was from the Marche region as I am! – ‘La Ginestra’ that happens to be one of my favourite poems 😉

  1. I hope you had a buon compleanno, my friend! I will tell Gianna that Costanza has an elephant named Gianni!!

  2. […] Going back to the presentation of the Foglio di Storie e Memorie taking place on April 1st, I think that it is a jewlery box displaying the true soul of this little corner of Italy and of Italy itself. In it you’ll find an interview with a 92-year-old lady living in the hilltop village of Ginestreto (a former mailwoman safeguarding recollections and stories of the village); an interesting article on a ‘greenery’ cope (‘piviale’) made with French silk and hosted by the Diocesan Museum and much more (Where Lemons Blossom has its own space on the ‘Foglio’ giving tips to tourists on how to discover the ‘real’ Italy: in this issue I suggest a ride on the San Bartolo mount to Fiorenzuola di Focara). […]

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