Pascucci Farm

Along the Foglia river, just outside our hometown (Pesaro), in the countryside, there’s a family-friendly farm, Pascucci Vivai,  where Walter, Costanza and I like to spend our Sundays (we took the pictures below on April 24th when we joined a pic-nic event organized by the farm).

A 200.000 square meter estate with a 10.000 square meter greenhouse and a 20.000 square meter flower nursery which, translated into pictures, is a joy to the eye (both the ‘outward’ eye and the Wordsworthian ‘inward eye’ but – being in the company of a loud daughter and surrounded by screaming children – let’s say the ‘outward’ eye gained the upper hand!).

Close your eyes and think of a flower, then go and visit Pascucci Farm: you are most likely to find it there!

We spent a delightful day visiting the farm animals: donkeys, horses, rabbits, cows (they also have two little pigs named ‘Peppa’ and ‘George’); we walked along the Foglia river on a guided tour to discover local flora and fauna; we bought a hand-made wooden slingshot (the same kind my dad used to make for himself using a rubber band when he was a child, which Walter and I keep depriving our daughter of… not because we fear she might break our neighbor’s window but because WE want to use it!); Costanza took part to a children’s laboratory (she came out with paint all over but happy in each pigment); we bought organic strawberries and peas; and – at last – we had our (non organic) pic-nic (there’s only a given amount of healthy things you can take in a day, isnt’ it?) … YES, we did eat industrial potato chips (shame on me!).

The entrance fee was EUR 3.00 and all I mentioned above was included (laboratories, river walk, equipped pic-nic areas) apart, of course, our shopping (I could not but buy the orange flower below whose name, needless to say, I forgot).

Happy Spring to all!



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