Enoteca dei 50 – an Italian winery

Our friend Fabio has recently inaugurated a winery in Fano called Enoteca dei 50 (both Fabio and her partner Anna are, actually, in their 50s – hence the name – but dont’ say it too loud!).

The winery hosts a great deal of local wines, olive oil variety and a selected few food products, therefore Where Lemons Blossom could not miss its inauguration!

Falerio, Trebbiano, Pecorino, Passerina, Rosso Piceno, Bianco Marche: these are only a few of the wines from the Marche region available in the wine shop (both bottled wine and cask wine) together with excellent extra virgin olive oil as the famous ‘Cartoceto extra virgin olive oil’ – also known as the ‘gold from Marche’:  the only high quality extra virgin olive oil in the Marche region with a ‘protected designation of origin’, PDO).

The products are first-rate and prices, especially as far as cask wine is concerned, are convenient. The winery is in a good position: close to the railroad station, which means close to the beautiful historical centre of Fano, but outside the pedestrian zone (as a matter of fact there’s a parking place right in front of the Enoteca).

If you stop by, Fabio and his partner Anna will lead you on a passionate tour into a very special world made of fragrances and flavors!

Following are a few pictures we took on the inauguration: Walter, our Food & Wine Expert, has a pretty satisfied look which tells more about the quality of the wine than many words! I especially enjoyed Rosso Piceno which perfectly matched with porchetta (Italian spit-roasted pork with pepper and wild fennel) available, together with wine tasting, to all participants. To top it all home-baked biscuits and cakes, and music, of course, because in Italy (do you know our saying?) ‘finisce tutto a tarallucci e vino’ (everything ends up with wine and tarallucci – being tarallucci an Italian snack food from southern Italy).

A perfect party with a ‘family’ atmosphere to get introduced to the kaleidoscopic world of wines (but don’t tell our pediatrician we took our Costanza with!).





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