A child tale


In May, Walter, Costanza and I got back to the beautiful farm, Butrigo, which we discovered last Summer when I happened to play with our amateur orchestra in an unforgettable evening at sunset.

In May we took Costanza to a children’s laboratory organized by the farm on how to make finger puppets. We enojed Francesca’s hospitality – who offered us a genuine snack having us taste the olive oil produced by the farm and a delicious strawberry jam (made on that very day with just picked strawberries!) – as much as we enjoyed the passion that Elena shared with us while teaching  how to make finger puppets.

I wanted to leave Francesca and Elena a token to show our gratitude for a lovely day spent with friends in an idyllic atmosphere. I wanted to leave them my puppet but I did terribly (I’m not particularly good at using my hands).

So here comes a picture story inspired by that beautiful day (the story starts with the slide saying  ‘Once upon a time’ – of course! – so go back to that picture, if the slide show has already started, before going on with the story).


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  1. Such a lovely way to tell the story. But I am fond of stories!
    Thanks for visiting my blog; I’ve visited yours too, and I also found Walter’s recipe for jam. Cherries are in season here; we made cherry jam two nights ago, and it turned out a bit stiff. Next time, I’m following his advice and cooking it more slowly.

  2. Looks like a wonderful day! And I loved, loved this post– we lived in Spain for 12 years and the poppies and olive trees were beautiful– made me feel like we were back in Andalucia! Lovely post.

    • Grazie, Rhonda. I particularly liked your post ‘cooking with the grandchildren’. My 5-year-old daughter Costanza also loves to cook ‘piadina’ (similar to ‘tortilla’) with her grand-mother (my mother) Lella. On our blog we too like to share some recepies from ‘nonna Lella’s cooking book. I think that grandparents are a blessing 🙂

      • I have fond memories of my Grandma Rose’s cooking– She lived to be 102 and when I was young had a small house with a yard full of grapes and fruit trees, and veggies and chickens. She was famous for her pies.
        Looking forward to reading more on your blog– so fresh and fun and full of beautiful food…

        • Ciao Rhonda. Your ‘nonna’ Rose’s yard must have been a paradise for her grandchildren (and also her kitchen as she was famous for her pies!). One of the best recollections I have about my childhood is my ‘nonna’ Pina’s yard (she had grapes too!) in August while the whole family (my grandparents, their three daughters with husbands and children – a whole bunch!) were all engaged in the Italian rite of making tomato sauce! We, the children, used to play Indians around the huge pot containing boiling water with bottles of tomato sauce inside. A great time. God bless grandparents!

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