Italian open air market

I don’t know about you, but I am fond of open air markets. Before leaving for a journey, no matter whether in Italy or abroad, I gather information on where – and when – open air markets take place in the place I am going to. I still remember (how could I forget?) the magical open air market in Bonnieux, Provence, some six years ago, where French farmers display zucchini and eggplants as if they were showing jewelry instead of vegetables (I never saw shiny zucchini before; here in Italy farmers tend to be more ‘practical’ and zucchini most of the time come with a handful of earth… nothing wrong, though, just different cultures!). I also remember that when I used to work at the Tourist Office in Gabicce Mare (some six years ago… times three!), (mostly German) tourists entered our information office and asked: ‘when  does the weekly open air market take place?’. Back then I was too young (may I write: ‘mentally challenged’?) to be under the spell of markets. To me now, they represent the essential visit card of a place. This is why I try to never miss the open air market taking place in Pesaro on each third Sunday of the month, the so called Stradomenica I once wrote about. Here are a few pictures I took some Stradomenica ago. Another visit card to this very special place which is the Province of Pesaro and Urbino!




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