(Pop)philosophy at the castle

Yesterday afternoon, after calling at the official photographer of Costanza’s dance recital – and before taking Costanza to the Gran Teatro dei Bambini (where we attended the show Town Musicians of Bremen by brothers Grimm), Costanza and I went to Rocca Costanza (incidentally named as our daughter!) – the fortress you see in the pictures below – to take part in a children’s laboratory within the initiative PopsophiaPopsophia (Popsophy) is a free event on ‘pop-sophy’, i.e. an event where philosophy speculates on pop culture, and pop culture tells about philosophy. The town of Pesaro – through the voices of philosophers, artists and journalists – is, in these days,  a creative laboratory on contemporary culture displaying exhibitions, performances and debates. Rocca Costanza, built by Costanzo Sforza between 1474 and 1483, upon a project by Luciano Laurana, embodies the Renaissance ideal of geometrical perfection, a perfect place for the cultural debate on Popsophy. Costanza (our daughter, not the fortress!) had so much fun with Luana during a children’s laboratory on symbols organized by Ittico the education department of Fondazione Pescheria I once wrote about. She asked me to pleeease publish her drawing (the one she drew after sticking some symbols on a picture of Rocca Costanza projected on a white wall). After the laboratory – to my satisfaction – Costanza looked at me and said: ‘mum, you aren’t old. you don’t have a single crack on you’.

Popsophia is open until tomorrow. You’ll happen to notice a few cracks on the walls, though.



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