Summer movie theatre (in the moonlight)


Who recalls Giuseppe Tornatore’s movie ‘Nuovo Cinema Paradiso’ winning ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ Oscar in 1989, where a filmmaker recalls his childhood and his deep friendship with the theater’s projectionist? Well, Italy would not be Italy without  Summer ‘arene del cinema’ (‘cinema open air theatres’). Thanks to Cineclub Shining, Pesaro has a Summer movie festival called ‘Cinema sotto la luna’ (Movies in the moonlight) taking place from July 7th to August 22nd at the ‘Curvone’ (Big Curve) parking lot.

You may download the program here, bearing in mind that on Sundays projections are devoted to the ‘Beautiful and damned youth’ – ‘Giovani (ri)belli’ (a pun in Italian where ribelli means rebel, and belli means beautiful), on Mondays you get ‘Ritratti di Signore (e signori’) – ‘Portraits of Ladies (and gentlemen)’ (biography movies), on Tuesdays movies are about ‘Perdenti alla riscossa’ (‘The revenge of losers’), on Wedenesdays on ‘Different love stories’ (‘Gli amori diversi’), and on Thursdays you get ‘American stars (and stripes)’ – Past, present and future of the USA, a great country full of shining stars and dark sides.

Cineclub Shining is a cultural association founded in 2004 whose president is Ivan Italiani (in the picture below) aka ‘Wolf’.

Last night Walter and I went to see ‘Au bonheur des ogres’, a French movie by Nicolas Bary, from Daniel Pennac’s novel (I am a fan of Pennac) . I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Mr Giancarlo Simoncelli, the projectionist. He started working as projectionist at 17 and after 53 years he’s still on the same job! He’s a lover of classical and jazz music and the film projector he used last night was a Prevost from the ’50s, inaugurated at the (unfortunately no more existing) ‘Moderno’ cinema in the heart of Pesaro. Nowadays ‘multiplex’ movie theatres seem to be in fashion but I personally try to avoid them.

Long live ‘cinema open air theatres’ and independent movies!

Special thanks to Ivan, who allowed pictures to be taken and who made a brief inauguration speech before the movie started, and to Giancarlo for the passion he conveyed in the few words we exchanged.


  1. Awwww….How much do I love “Nuovo Cimema Paradiso?” In America it was just called “Cinema Paradiso.” I still love that movie…that little boy was soooo cute! Anyway….I also love, love, love the open air movies. I will go tomorrow with my friend in Varese! A lovely tradition! Such a sense of community. Fabulous post. Buona serata!

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