Catch a falling star an’ put it in your pocket

Catch a falling star an’ put it in your pocket, never let it fade away… This song by Perry Como hit me when my friend Marco told me about the event that will take place on Aug. 8th in one of my favourite farms of the area: Butrigo Farm. The farm, mostly known for the activities of heliciculture and olive cultivation, also offers children laboratories (remember my post ‘A child tale’ on how to make finger puppets?). Well, on Friday, Aug. 8th, starting from 7.30 pm, a special evening will be organized for guests who love nature, good food and stars. As the night of San Lorenzo is on the way (St. Lawrence, celebrated on August 10th, is supposed to be the day of the year when you are more likely to see falling stars… the Perseids!), Mauro and Francesca invite their guests to observe the Summer sky with the guidance of experts (and a telescope!), far from the city lights. Guests will be able to taste the farm products and parents will (finally?) enjoy a quiet evening while their children are busy doing lab stuff. More information on the farm’s website.

Here are a few pictures I took at the lovely farm in May. And… if you manage to catch a falling star, remember, never let it fade away…






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