Where Lemons Blossom’s collaboration with online newspaper PU24

Today WhereLemonsBlossom celebrates 3 months of collaboration with the online newspaper www.PU24.it, in the section ‘Tourist news – I love PU‘ (being ‘PU’ the initials of our beautiful province, the province of Pesaro and Urbino).

The editorial staff appreciated the main goal of my blog: helping people to discover the ‘real’ Italy through the eyes of a ‘real’ Italian. And, as I mostly write about my (beloved) home-town and province, the online newspaper http://www.PU24.it (which mostly covers the same territory as WhereLemonsBlossom) accepted my idea of hosting my posts on their website in order to show tourists around in an ‘unusual’ way.

We invite you to visit the places where Rapahel and Rossini were born but, if you prefere a friend’s advice to tourist guidebooks and you wish to experience Italy as Italians do, then follow Simona (that’s me!) in her ‘ordinary’ life. After all Erica Jong wrote that ‘the joy of Italy often consists of doing ordinary things in extraordinary settings’ and I totally agree!

So, follow me in the places where I lead my Italian ‘ordinary’ life… a visit at the Musei Civici, a ‘dinner at home’ during the event ‘One Village and a Hundred Stories’, a stop at Fiorenzuola di Focara on my way to the neighboring Romagna (where you can enjoy a breathtaking view from the cliff on the sea below), a children laboratory in a farm on the beautiful hills around Pesaro… and much more!

To top it all, thanks to Walter – Food & Wine guy – WhereLemonsBlossom has a popular section devoted to local recipes: green lasagne according to ‘grandma Lella’, crostata pie after ‘aunt Rina’, mascarpone mousse, piadina… Local recipes according to our local tradition or, sometimes, interpreted ‘anew’ by Walter’s creativity.

So, thank you PU24 for our collaboration!


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