Dirce at ‘Salone del Gusto’ in Turin

Me, Walter (Food & Wine guy at WLB) and our little Costanza with Dirce at Salone del Gusto, Turin.

Who is Mrs ‘Dirce’? Those of you who follow me know that Mrs Dirce is a lady I am fond of. She is the testimonial of the event Un Paese e Cento Storie – One village and one hundred stories and she is a… fictional character.

Actually, she may be ‘fictional’ because, as you see in the picture gallery below, she is a product of Cristina’s imagination (Cristina Ortolani, founder of the event); however – at the same time – she is the most ‘real’ person around, as she represents he authentic Italian hospitality you can experience in a very special corner of Italy: a magic territory between the Adriatic coast (the town of Pesaro, where the composer Gioachino Rossini was born) and the hilly hinterland towards the Renaissance ‘jewel’ of Urbino – the ‘World Heritage Ideal City where the painter Raphael was born.

Mrs Dirce is a simple woman who loves making her own ‘passatelli’ or ‘tagliatelle’ and loves preparing local traditional food when her children and little nephews and nieces go to visit on Sundays. She lives in a little village on the hills, leads a happy life surrounded by beautiful landscapes in the northern Marche region (the ones Piero della Francesca depicted so well), eats local and healthy food and, most of all, loves cooking for friends and her beloved ones.

Enrico Tacchi, fiduciario condotta Slowfood Pesaro and Cristina Ortolani, founder of the event ‘One village and a hundred stories’ at Salone del Gusto in Turin

A meal, is the soul of the cook turned into food: that’s her motto. This is why she is the testimonial of the event and this is why she went, yesterday, to Turin ‘Salone Internazionale del Gusto – Terra Madre’. Where Lemons Blossom could not but follow this little resourceful lady in the booth of Regione Marche/Slow Food Marche (hall 2) to listen to her words through her official ‘spokesperson’ Cristina Ortolani. Enrico Tacchi (Slowfood Pesaro) introduced Cristina who presented the 2014 Fall edition of ‘One Village and a hundred stories’ (7 – 10 November 2014). You may download the programme in English HERE.

During the presentation, Terracruda bianchello (2013) was served to the (satisfied!) participants (press and private) together with pecorino cheese from Sibillini mounts and an extraordinary pumpkin jelly made in Locanda Montelippo.

On the occasion, we also visited stands of other local typical products from Marche (truffle, artisan pasta, pink apples, vino di visciole – sour cherry wine) and many more booths from other Italian regions (with particularly long stops at chocolate stands for our little Costanza!).

Following are a few pictures we took at ‘Salone del Gusto’ and in the beautiful town of Turin.

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