A 5-day-long journey with Dirce – Day One

Mrs Dirce turning 10 years old!

Every big project has a ‘kick-off meeting’ or a ‘launch conference’ before the ‘big project’ starts. So it is (and was yesterday) with the event ‘Un Paese e Cento Storie’ (‘One Village, a Hundred Stories’).

Yesterday afternoon, at 5 pm, the 5-day-long event started with a conference at Banca dell’Adriatico, in Pesaro. The theme: ‘Dinner with genius loci. Considerations on the ‘community tourism’ generated by ‘Un Paese e Cento Storie’. Actually it was not a conference (the word ‘conference’ sounds boring to me and if I were to I associate a color to the word it would be ‘grey’). It was a more of a conversation among friends (a few of the participants are friends as they have worked on the project for 10 years) and among people sharing the same values: sustainable tourism,  story-telling and cooking as means of communication, hospitality as the key to our territory.

In addition to that, an ordinary ‘conference’ has an ‘ordinary’ coffee-welcome or a coffee-break (if lucky you get an ‘aperitivo’ – a drink, usually wine – with potato chips and peanuts). Yesterday, however, the final toast to Dirce turning 10 years old was with sour cherry wine and spumante; whereas the pies and cakes were baked by the cooks of the initiative ‘Un Paese e Cento Storie’ (home-made according to our tradition). The best cake turned out to be (no wonder!) the one made by Ida Bartolucci, the soul of the little village Belvedere Fogliense (the village where it all started 10 years ago). By the way, she is the lady whom I stole the recipe for an excellent milk limoncello which I posted on WLB!

Cristina Ortolani – the creator of ‘Un Paese e Cento Storie’ – introduced the participants, displaying her usual wit, which were: Riccardo Corbelli, coordinator of the 33 branches of Banca dell’Adriatico in our province, Vittoriano Solazzi, president of the legislative body of the Marche Region; Tonino Pencarelli, Economy and Enterprise management professor at Urbino University; Francesco Marmo, Italian Association for Responsible Tourism; Mariagrazia Stocchi – managing director of Bartolucci Francesco srl who opens up her house for ‘Dinners at Home’; Alice Aiudi, owner of Locanda Montelippo (an excellent agritourism and restaurant we wrote about – remember our post ‘cabbage for dinner’?) and partner of the project; Francesca Vitali, author of a dissertation devoted to ‘Un Paese e Cento Storie’ (Bologna University, Faculty of Economy of Tourism).

Where Lemons Blossom was there, happily there, to take pictures, meet friends, taste pies and breathe the very special atmosphere of the event where – even in an apparently formal  setting as a bank may evoke – people heartily talked together wishing ‘long live Dirce’ in a merry climate. An you might as well bet that she will live and stay with us for a very very long time 😉

Today, in the afternoon, do not miss the ‘Aperitivo conVito’ in Montecchio, Hotel Blu Arena, at 6.30 pm!

And, most of all, if you wish to be hosted by one of the wonderful families of ‘One Village, a Hundred Stories’, call 347 2219030 (Cristina Pieri, Viaggi & Aziende) from Mon to Fri 9.30/12.30 am; 3.00/5.00 pm


  1. leggere i tuoi articoli mi aiuta a capire di più l’inglese.ti andrebbe di fare un articolo anche sulla bellissima mostra organizzata dall’arco sonoro con 10 artisti locali e non ?

    a martediDaniele

  2. Ciao Daniele,

    appena sarà finito l’evento ‘Un Paese e Cento Storie’ di cui WLB è media partner verrò volentieri a visitare la mostra organizzata dall’Arco Sonoro. Sono sempre contenta quando belle iniziative rendono vivo il territorio!

    A presto!

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