A 5-day-long journey with Dirce (and Vito!) – Day 2

Vito with Cristina Ortolani, founder of the event
Vito with Cristina Ortolani, founder of the event

An exceptional guest was invited yesterday to celebrate Dirce turning 10 years old and to officially inaugurate ‘Un Paese e Cento Storie’: Vito!

Vito is more than a comedian. He himself states that if he weren’t a movie, theatre and TV actor he would be a chef in a top restaurant. Vito (Stefano Bicocchi) is on Gambero Rosso Channel on Thursdays where he shares with his audience family recipes and stories in the kitchen of the ‘Bicocchi family’.

Yesterday afternoon, at Blu Arena Hotel in Montecchio, Vito immediately captivated us with tales from his childhood and from his life, all dealing with food and with his passion for food. A passion handed down by his parents, especially his father, and by his grandmother. The love for food runs in all his family members though: when his nephew turned 18 Vito thought he would ask for a motorbike; he asked for a kneader instead!

‘Un Paese e Cento Storie’ could not but find a better guest to invite to Dirce’s party. Actually, the party for Dirce’s 10th birthday will go on to Sunday (with the big final party in Belvedere Fogliense, the little village where it all began ten years ago, on nov. 9th from 4.00 pm onwards).

The atmosphere was lively: we had a good time enjoying Vito’s good company and, at the same time, we felt we all belonged to the same ‘food culture’  which means  actually ‘love for food’. But food, around here, is not something to enjoy by yourself. Food means ‘food sharing’; it means sitting around a table sharing life with your tablemates. ‘Food’ and ‘Hospitality’ go hand in hand with each other in this territory.

Grazie, Vito and grazie to the cooks of ‘Dinners at home’ who baked cakes and pies for the occasion!

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